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19 January 2016 @ 10:32 am
Sorry for crappy formatting! For now, here's what I have for trade:

PokémonGenderBallNatureIVsAbilityMovesOTIDLanguageAdditional Info
MiloticDreamBold31/08/31/31/31/31Marvel ScaleScald, Dragon Pulse, Toxic, Mirror CoatLara45137SPAObtained at pokemontrades; Lv20, 252 HP/252 Sp Def/6 Def - EV trained by me
EeveeNormalBold31/31/31/31/31/31AnticipationCurse, Wish, Yawn, Stored PowerRexy36451ENGBred by me, hatched at SVExchange
FletchlingNormalAdamant31/31/31/02/31/31Gale WingsGrowl, Quick Guard, Snatch, TailwindDerwin (4)09282ENGBred by me, hatched at SVExchange
MagbyLuxuryJolly31/31/31/28/31/31Flame BodyBelly Drum, Flare Blitz, Focus Energy, Mach PunchHannah53526ENGObtained at SVExchange, hatched by me
TreeckoNormalJolly31/31/31/05/31/31OvergrowCrunch, Crush Claw, Natural Gift, SynthesisPinky58556ENGBred by me, hatched at SVExchange
CharmanderNormalModest31/17/31/31/31/31BlazeAir Cutter, Ancient Power, Dragon Dance, Dragon PulseHuy03337ENGBred by me, hatched at SVExchange
LuvdiscDreamModest31/31/31/31/31/06Swift SwimAqua Ring, Brine, Heal Pulse, SplashHannah35328ENGObtained at SVExchange, hatched by me
VulpixNormalTimid31/07/31/31/31/31DroughtDisable, Heat Wave, Hex, Hypnosis0xFFF115225ENGBred by me, hatched at SVExchange
FletchlingNormalAdamant31/31/31/01/31/31Gale WingsGrowl, Quick Guard, Snatch, TailwindBrandon54379ENGBred by me, hatched at SVExchange
VulpixNormalTimid31/03/31/31/3131DroughtDisable, Heat Wave, Hex, HypnosisWill42005ENGBred by me, hatched at SVExchange
FeebasNormalBold31/25/31/31/31/31Swift SwimConfuse Ray, Hypnosis, Haze, Mirror CoatAkisame00410ENGBred by me, hatched at SVExchange
FennekinNormalTimid31/04/31/31/31/31BlazeHeat Wave, Hypnosis, Magic Coat, WishQueen ANNA39833ENGBred by me, hatched at SVExchange
CharmanderNormalAdamant31/31/31/16/31/31BlazeCrunch, Dragon Dance, Dragon Rush, Outrage지효24604ENGBred by me, hatched at SVExchange
TreeckoNormalJolly31/31/31/11/31/31OvergrowCrunch, Crush Claw, Natural Gift, SynthesisSebast38161ENGBred by me, hatched at SVExchange
NoibatNormalTimid31/31/31/31/31/31FriskOutrage, Snatch, Switcheroo, TailwindMJ55691ENGBred by me, hatched at SVExchange
CharmanderNormalModest31/17/31/31/31/31BlazeAir Cutter, Ancient Power, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse-Zeek-01494ENGBred by me, hatched at SVExchange
RaltsDuskTimid31/08/31/31/31/31SyncronizeDestiny Bond, Encore, Shadow Sneak, MementoDan58522ENGObtained at pokemontrades
SwirlixLuxuryJolly17/31/31/31/31/31Sweet VeilBelly Drum, After You, Copycat, YawnHannah53526ENGObtained at SVExchange, hatched by me
MawileLoveAdamant31/31/31/31/31/31IntimidateSucker Punch, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Seismic TossAlex11279ENGObtained at pokemontrades
PidgeyFriendTimid31/20/31/31/31/31Tangled FeetDefog, Uproar, Air Cutter, Brave BirdAih58891ENGObtained at pokemontrades
SquirtleNormalModest31/17/31/31/31/31Rain DishAura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Muddy Water, Water SpoutReuben40590ENGBred by me, hatched at SVExchange; foreign name
BunearyNormalJolly31/31/31/26/31/31LimberFake Out, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder PunchKalem19002ENGBred by me, hatched at SVExchange; foreign name
SquirtlePremierModest31/31/31/27/31/28TorrentDragon Pulse, Aqua Jet, Aura Sphere, Water SpoutHannah48524ENGObtained at SVExchange, hatched by me
TyruntNormalAdamant31/31/31/13/31/31Strong JawFire Fang, Ice Fang, Poison Fang, Thunder FangMarco29745ENGBred by me, hatched at SVExchange

PokémonGenderOTIDNatureIVsLanguageAdditional Info
RaikouN/AGAMESTP01031Rash04/28/26/28/16/26ENGSelf-obtained; only trading as a set
EnteiN/AGAMESTP01171Adamant24/28/20/30/24/24ENGSelf-obtained; only trading as a set
SuicuneN/AGAMESTP01311Relaxed24/22/18/18/22/01ENGSelf-obtained; only trading as a set
BeldumN/ASteven11214LonelyENGObtained at pokemontrades
ArceusN/AManesh12215Bold28/5/31/31/31/31SPAObtained at pokemontrades
20 December 2015 @ 11:27 pm
TCG Collection
Here is my current Pokémon TCG collection! Any cards in bold are ones that I am still looking for!

EeveeCollapse )

VaporeonCollapse )

JolteonCollapse )

FlareonCollapse )

EspeonCollapse )

UmbreonCollapse )

LeafeonCollapse )

GlaceonCollapse )

SylveonCollapse )
08 December 2015 @ 02:35 pm
243 Raikou*
244 Entei*
245 Suicune*

380 Latias*

442 Spiritomb*

547 Whimsicott*
640 Virizion*

700 Sylveon*
716 Xerneas*
02 March 2012 @ 10:45 am

Welcome to my Pokémon sales post!

Sales permission granted on 2 March 2012 by entirelycliched

My feedback pages can be found here (old), here (new), and here (newest)!

Rules and Terms of ServiceCollapse )

Click for sales!Collapse )
16 December 2011 @ 10:19 pm
I would appreciate it if any feedback about me is posted here. Thanks! :D
16 December 2011 @ 10:11 pm
Hi there,

I'm Soul. If you're here that likely means you're wondering about me!

I love Pokémon and especially Eevee and its evolutions! You'll mostly find me at pkmncollectors, where I will occasionally update my collection and search for the things that I don't have.

I've been lurking on LiveJournal for a while, so I thought it's time I put something here. I'm looking forward to some good times! :3